DealerStar is a full-featured Tier 1 (like ADP and R+R) Multi-Company DMS that includes;

Accounting (Centralized and Single,) Banking, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable & Purchase Orders, Sales, Vehicle Inventory, CRM, BDC Appointments, Data Mining, F&I, Desking, F&I Menus, Service, Repair orders, Calendar, Appointment Scheduling, Service menus, grid labor pricing, Auto Dispatching, Technician Terminals, Rentals, Part Inventory Sources and escalator ordering, Parts matrix price Invoicing, Stock orders, Factory parts price updates, ordering and returns, Core Tracking, dynamic multiple levels of security, a robust Report Writer, and best of all -- Mobile enabled!  Use DealerStar with any mobile device or tablet - no additional software required!  Learn more...
Cloud Computing... fewer worries, scalable, cost effective - no contract, install fee, server to buy or install - you can be up and running DealerStar DMS in days - not 6 months!
                                     "DealerStar got me off my R+R System in 3 Days" Brad Rouleau, Dealer - click to watch
The only fully integrated, web-based multi-company Tier 1 DMS
Dealership Management System for GM, Chrysler, KIA, VW, Ford, Honda, etc. 
We are looking for a few great Dealer Investors- Download Prospectus
We need your help influencing some of the manufacturers to let us into the certification programs - and helping us grow to be bigger and better than the current costly Tier 1 and Tier 2 systems like ADP, R+R, and DealerTrack.  Our charter investors enjoy a generous discount and contribute to making DealerStar the best DMS with their ideas.  Although we might not be able to replace your system today, this could be part of your long-term technology and investment plan!  Do you want to own a DMS company? If you are a dealer with $200,000 in annual income (qualified and knowledgeable investor) then please consider joining our chartered investors and own a part of the future of DMS systems. If you qualify please  email me Learn more...
Designed by DMS Guru, Sandi Jerome, former dealership F&I manager, Fixed OP's manager, and Controller.

Over 10 years ago, Sandi became frustrated with lack of features in Tier 2 systems and the cost of Tier 1 DMS systems that most larger and multi-dealership groups required.  She evaluated various platforms and then started designing DealerStar from the ground up.  Nobody knows how DMS systems should work better than Sandi - both as a user and designer.  She recently received a patent for DealerStar’s innovated web-based design that can be accessed from any device or browser – including the iPad and smartphones. Starting very carefully, DealerStar is now installed at over 25 dealerships with 2 using the full system. She is in the process of obtaining GM, Chrysler, KIA, and VW certification for DealerStar   Learn more...
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