Who owns DealerStar? We are owned by a small group of dealer/investors and technology experts.

Our Mission

  1. We believe a DMS can provide better information to increase profits at a lower price.
  2. We do this by being a fully integrated Tier 1 system with the features of CDK (ADP) and R+R, but at the price of a Tier 3 system.
  3. By being a fully web-based DMS designed with modern tools by industry guru, Sandi Jerome of Sandi Jerome Computer Consulting has made our support cost less because it is easier to use.
Technology costs are now the #1 outside expense for dealerships. During the past ten years, the purchase of CRM, reporting, scheduling and other tools to "interface" with current deficient DMS systems that lack the features dealers need have caused this expense to skyrocket. CDK (ADP) and R+R keep increasing their monthly support fees in a race to increase company profits. Some dealers "jumped" ship from ADP or R+R into a bargain DMS like DealerTrack (Arkona,) ACS, AutoMate or AutoSoft and are now disappointed with the lack of features. The DMS is the only required technology for new franchised dealers. With the integrations we have or are working to complete; Ford, KIA, VW, Chrysler, Honda and GM will cover 80% of the total dealerships or 13,680 total. If we can eventually get a little less than 10% of that market or 1,300 dealerships paying an average of $2,000 a month, then that will mean over 31 million in revenue. Of course, we'll continue to try for Nissan, Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, and Mazda and any other factory that will let us into their certification program.
Do you think it is time for dealers to have control over their rising technology costs? With a forecasted decline in the stock market, do you need to diversify your stock portfolio? Are you frustrated by CDK (ADP), R+R, or DealerTrack as your choices for DMS providers? Are you disappointed with the lack of features in the Tier 2 and 3 providers like Autosoft, Dominion/ACS, and AutoMate? Rather than trying to build a DMS from scratch or adapt an ERP designed for other industries, contact us about our reseller program.

DealerStar is an International DMS

DealerStar is multi-currency and multi-language (over 30) and installed in 4 different countries

Multi Language

Multi Currency

Enterprise Design

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